Here at New Life Church, service teams are a core part of making church happen. We couldn’t function without the dozens of individuals it takes to pull off our Sunday evening services. If you call New Life Church your home, consider giving generously of your time. We know there’s a place for you to use your talents to serve here at New Life Church.

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Refreshments – Goodies, yummies, coffee and hot chocolate. Unfortunately, they don’t just appear magically every week. But if we’re going to keep up that impression, we’ll need a team of folks that can shop for items and keep our refreshments area looking clean.

Greeting – With the blessing of so many people coming on Sunday these days, we have so many more people to greet so we’re hoping to add a few more greeting posts to our setup on Sunday mornings. This is an excellent opportunity to serve without missing out on a church service.

Worship Band – Worship is one of the most important facets of the New Life Church experience on Sundays. We want to create a dynamic, authentic opportunity for people to come and worship God. In order to do it, we need people who love God and who are able to express that love rockin’ out on the guitar, jammin’ the keys, or singing their hearts out.

Sound – Since worship is such an important element for New Life Church, our Sound team also becomes critical. We need a team of men and women who know how our sound setup works and can operate the sound board during NLC events (Sunday mornings and occasionally midweek).

Lights – We need a few extra people to operate our lighting board and house lights during our Sunday services. If you’re curious about what happens behind the scenes at NLC on Sundays, this is an excellent chance to learn. We could also use a team leader for lights as well (someone to put together the lights team schedule and take our lighting on Sundays to a new level of excellence).

Slides – Ok – we won’t lie (which is probably good since we are a church). This isn’t an easy job. It takes technical skill, attention to detail, and a willingness to operate in a relatively high stress environment (since you literally control what ends up on our screen on Sundays). But – if you have a decent facility with powerpoint and computers, this job may be for you.

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