Join Us - Sundays @ 5:16pm

Join us each Sunday as we gather as a church to worship God, hear truth from the Bible, and be together in community. We meet at Cross & Resurrection Church, right across from EMU’s campus on the east side.

Need Parking?

On Sunday evenings, feel free to park in the Cross&Res parking lot or walk from your dorm. Additional Sunday parking is in the EMU lot north of Cross & Res on Ann Street, but be sure to park directly behind the church building.

Frequent Questions

so what time does the service start again?

5:16pm every Sunday. We just have one Sunday service and it is the same time all year!

I've never been to a church before, what should I wear?

We don’t have a dress code at New Life – you probably won’t see anyone wearing a suit and tie. Even our staff aren’t prone to dressing up unless it’s a special Sunday like Christmas or Easter. We’d like to invite you to come as you are. You might see people here dressed more casual than you, or you might not. What we’re more concerned about is that you get an opportunity to encounter the living God and worship him in the midst of his people. So don’t worry about what to wear, just come!

I missed church this week, can I listen to sermons online?

We’re not currently setup to record sermons from EMU (maybe you’d like to volunteer on our sound team and help us get there?), however our main campus in Ann Arbor follows the same sermon series we do. You can find those talks over at or on the YouTube channel.