We value an emphasis on the love of God expressed through God’s grace displayed through the life, death, and resurrection of Christ as the source and key to living the abundant life that Jesus promised.

We value the New Testament emphasis of togetherness, as we commit to meeting together constantly in prayer, fellowship, breaking of bread, worship, and the ministry of the Word.

We value love and unity among the saints with an emphasis on openly sharing our lives with one another, as well as our time, talents, money, and possessions.

We value seeking relationships with unbelievers as a lifestyle, in order to participate in the Holy Spirit’s work of reconciliation through sharing the gospel with those around us.

We value maintaining a global focus as we work to fulfill the Great Commission in this generation.

We value obeying the Word as a lifestyle, as we teach, share, and study God’s Word, in order to equip and be equipped for works of service, as well as the renewing of our minds.

We value faith-filled prayer as the key to unleashing the power of God in our lives and in the lives of those whom we are ministering to and loving.

We value worship and praise as a church lifestyle, both together and individually.

We value the continuous growth of all members, as our goal is the maturation of every saint to present them perfect in Christ, ministering according to their gifts and abilities.

We value continuing to remember the poor, as we minister both to spiritual and physical needs.

We value the centrality of strong marriages and families as a vital part of transforming our culture.